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Arsenal Fans Have Had Enough

Things have gone from bad to worse for recently as they were knocked out of the FA Cup and virtually eliminated from the as they were routed 4-0 in soccer betting action by AC Milan in the first leg of their round of 16 matchup. The lack of success has caused shareholders and fans to start questioning whether ownership is committed to spending the money necessary to make the team a winner.

It has been seven years since last won a trophy and that is a long time for a team that is supposed to be a perennial contender. Majority owner Stan Kroenke is coming under fire for not taking an active role with the team and not spending the money necessary to turn the Gunners into a championship squad. Some shareholders are even wondering whether money is being held back that could have been used on player transfers.

As bad as things have been recently they could get worse if Arsenal fails to qualify for next year’s . Arsenal is currently tied with for fourth in the with the top four teams in the league qualifying for the . and are within striking range so there is no guarantee Arsenal will finish in fourth or fifth place this season. If Arsenal does not qualify for the Champions League it is estimated that it would cost the club about £45 million dollars.

What makes this season really tough to take for Arsenal fans is the success of rival Tottenham who is 10 points ahead of Arsenal. On Sunday, Arsenal hosts Tottenham in perhaps the most important game of the season for Arsenal. A loss at home to their big rivals could spell the end for manager Arsene Wenger. Even if he survives this season he probably won’t be around next season if Arsenal doesn’t make the Champions League. Not making the Champions League would be a huge loss to Arsenal and it is unlikely Wenger would be able to survive.

The pressure is building on Arsenal and a loss to Tottenham on Sunday at home in the North London derby in the could spiral things out of control. Arsenal is a slight favorite in soccer betting action against Tottenham in what should be a very intense and exciting match.


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