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Arshavin in Soccer Move

It is quite clear that Arshavin has always harbored some thoughts of moving to Barcelona at some point in his career. Some people might say that it is the pinnacle of his career to be able to deliver his dream. In fact he has gone on record telling the press how much it means to him if he is able to pull off this dream move. However one cannot forget the tough lessons that the Spanish and other European championships delivered to Arsenal.

The limitations of the team were cruelly exposed to ridicule and it was quite clear that a set of good players does not make a team that can win trophies on a regular basis. Perhaps the powers that be have decided that rather than fighting them it is better to join them and Arshavin wants to be one of the very first to make that move.

This has not been a particularly calm season for Arshavin who had to miss the second league of the Champions League as he was being troubled by persistent injury. In any case his side suffered some serious defeats which must have made them assess their position within the soccer leagues. At the time there was even reckless talk that some heads might roll over the poor showing in these matches. Arsenal has long been the bane of the football world when it is on but when it is off the results can be tearful for the fan and objective observer.

They seem to have this ability to play one match brilliantly and then play the next day as if they are new amateurs. Consistency has eluded the team so far and therefore one can hope that Arshavin will not be facing similar problems.

In terms of the anticipated move to Barcelona, one can only wish Arshavin the very best of luck in his adventures and hope that he can make it big in his new home. This kind of concentration is what he requires to get his head down and play mind boggling soccer at all levels of the sport.


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