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Best Performance by Arsenal Wenger’s Team

Wenger is quite a happy guy after his team won the over the Totteham. The best part is the team carried it out smoothly and took a stunning 5-2 victory over the team. The team owner had the best day and raved over the spirit and commitment shown by the team.

Right from the beginning of the match, Wenger's men were with full spirit and started off with a spectacular opening. Completely excited by the victory, is all praise for his men. He wished that they play with the same spirit and involvement to win over the coveted Premier League trophy. The win has brought in a huge to their ranking position and the Gunners have now reached the fourth. There are seven more points left for the Gunners to take on their rivals.

Arsenal Wenger, who was visibly happy over the team performance and commitment level, claimed that it that entire one can expect out of a team. He felt that the team had everything to win right from great techniques, good spirit to that of excellent command. Though the team had a little tough start it caught up with the game in due course of time and utilized the opportunity well. In the begging the Gunner were lagging behind with 2-0 and took out on the Totteham few minutes from then. From the fourth minute of the game, the team was prepared to take on things on their hands and get the victory slide by their side. Totteham is one among the most powerful teams and it takes a great deal of spirit to play against someone whom you know is too good. Arsenal Wenger feels that if the team members are consistent and committed on their performance then they are sure to bag the victory.

The game was a treat for several derby fans and saw many people turning up to take a glimpse of the titans. It was a complete pack and we expect to see the team doing even better in the coming league and let's wait and see if the Gunners or Spurs, who is finishing first.


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