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Betting on Southampton’s Home Grown Football Players

For many English football fans, seeing third in the league as Christmas approaches is rather strange. Just under three years ago, was a club that was playing third-tier football and yet in that relatively short span of time they have managed to not only win promotion twice but also now ascend to the highest ranks of the English Premier League.

Along the way, the upsets that the football club has caused have left many bettors stunned, while the lucky few who took a risk and bet on Southampton's team of home grown football players, just like the club has done, are reaping the rewards of doing so.

A Tradition of Growing Talent
Make no mistake, this is hardly the first time that Southampton has produced world class talent though the current crop consisting of players like Adam Lallana, James Ward-Prowse, Luke Shaw, Calum Chambers, Mat Targett and John Turnbull are definitely some of the best that have come through their halls.

Recently Rickie Lambert praised the young talent in the squad, and went so far as to say that Southampton's approach is proof that paying attention to talent production pays off. In recent years, many bigger clubs have seen few players come through their own ranks, making what Southampton has achieved contrast all the more.

Whether or not Southampton can continue to keep up their form as the league approaches its second half is uncertain, but what is a safe bet is that many football bettors will be placing their wagers on the upstart club. Although the odds aren't as good as when Southampton first started surprising the bookmakers with their upsets, most of the available odds still allow for a solid bet on a club that is performing amazingly well at the moment.


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