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Budding football star from Emirates receives Player of the Year award

Looking at the level of football that is being played in Asia, there are number of new talents that are coming up in the field of football. One such amateur player who has recently become a known name in the field of football is Ahmed Khalil. This young player has been playing for the United Arab Emirates and has recently earned the name of the player of the year. He is supposed to be second in the run of becoming the highest scorer in the ongoing World Cup by scoring a total of 10 goals in all. These players are an example of the fact that you do not always need to get into the ways of betting for achieving something great for yourself.

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Budding players like Khalil believe in hard work. In the recent years Khalil has managed to win awards in both the senior as well as junior fields. Players like Shinji Ono also stand out as examples that have helped bring about a constant trend of victory in Japan’s football. Having started his career in 2008 Khalil became the first player to have collected both awards in individual field in Asia. A dedicated player for his team Khalil now stands out to be an ideal and an inspiration for hundreds of people across the globe now. The best thing about this player is that he is way too humble. He dedicates all this victory and awards to the Emirates where he has been playing since he started off as a footballer. At the age of 24 he has truly achieved more than what many can and this really set him apart in the young league of footballers in the recent times. He is committed as well. Though he aspires to play in Europe in the upcoming years, he is completely committed to his Emirates club at the moment and admits that this is the place that has truly given him all the success.

Young footballers are the ones who are making their mark in the recent football world. Unlike the world of betting these are true talents that have come up and continue to take the game to much better levels through the years.


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