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Carr involved in a Soccer Probe

When the police and sports personalities collide it is not a good combination. It is reported in the major news outlets that the Birmingham City defender is facing some questions about certain gestures that he made to the fans from Aston Villa at the end of the Sunday Derby. Having been a stalwart of the defense arsenal, it is hoped that he will not fall into the hands of the police instead of concentrating on playing good football for the club and for the fans. The case highlights the need for footballers to control their behavior before, during and after a match. The public is always watching and if they make a mistake, it might end up costing them their careers in the long run. Personal egos and recklessness often land them in a lot of trouble with the football authorities. It is no wonder that a different approach is required.

This is not the first time that Carr has been dealing with discipline problems in his conduct. At the time of this latest incident he was already facing a Football Association charge. This happened after the chaotic defeat of Birmingham. He behaved rather abominably during the match and ludicrously appealed a penalty that had already been awarded. He then defiantly scuffed the penalty spot. This is the type of behavior which will make it very difficult for him to give a believable excuse for his recent behavior.

If things do not go his way on both occasions he could be facing the wrath of the football disciplinary committee as well as the potentially criminal sanctions from the justice department. Soccer should be all about understanding what the players want but also what the fans need. The unruly behavior of some soccer stars is both baffling and unconscionable. The unfortunate gesture was totally in bad taste and out of context with the general need to keep sports clean. If he is severely punished, Carr will only have himself to blame for his rather foolish behavior at the match meeting. Hopefully it will serve as a lesson for the future.


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