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Victory of the Liverpools

Kenny Dalgish, the Manager, wants the club to go above and beyond the Carling Cup success and attain greater feats in the coming year.
Dalgish felt that winning is not the only motive behind the game and one should look forward to refining the performance with every game possible so that they can evolve out to be a seasoned player. All through the game, the Liverpool team, managed to play well but had taken out several chances. The team failed to make use of the 2 penalties for a successful shoot out which was quite a disturbing fact for many Liverpool lovers.

Steven Gerard, the skipper of the Liverpool team had made use of the best opportunity and led the team for a victory. It is definitely one of the memorable moments for the skipper who had worked hard towards it. The entire team seems to be excited about the winning and considers it to be a true reward for all of their hard work they have put in for many years together.
Dalgish, who recently took the place of Rod Hogson as the Manager of the Liverpool club did not consider it to be his achievement and feels that he just guided them with it. Dalgish is a person with greater potential and contends that in order to be consistent one need to practice their game.  He accepts to the fact that winning is the most essential part of the game and adds up by saying that only a good sport ethics will sustain the victory that has been achieved.

He wants the team to take this as just a beginning and come up with stunning victories for the years to come. Building back a team is something that is not easy and a lot of hard work from different corners would have only made it a possibility.

It is to be noted that Liverpool had down time for a considerable period of time and the shift of leadership has turned out to work well from all ends. Let us wait and watch the Liverpool team in action in the coming games.


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